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Patrick Shyu is an American YouTuber, software engineer, instructor, and Technical lead. He is basically from Tokyo, Japan. But after completing his studies he came to America for higher studies and established a career for him in the US. His YouTube channel brings him an identity on social media.

Early life, family, and Education: Youtuber Patrick Shyu was born in Tokyo, Japan. In 2001 he finished high school at the Tokyo Institute of Technology. Then he came to America for a course at the University of California, Berkley. He got his degree in electrical engineering and computer science in 2005. During his course, he worked on video games and online apps along with this he took the computer graphics course.

In 2006, he completed his Master’s degree in Computer science and engineering at the University of California, San Diego.

Reina Shyu is the ex-wife of Patrick Shyu. They separated in 2019.  From his marriage, he has a son. After this Shyu uploaded many videos on relationship advice. Some of his famous videos of this time are ‘Why My wife Left me’ and “Managing & Protecting Money in a relationship”. These videos got lots of views and helped him to grow his following on YouTube.

Career accomplishments: Shyu is a self-made millionaire and works at various organizations/ companies. Let’s see his journey from being a software engineer to becoming a successful YouTuber.

  1. Shyu worked first as an intern at Juniper networks and Microsoft in the year 2006.
  2. At SonyPictures images work he worked in the job role of a software engineer.
  3. After this E-marketplace, Groupon has appointed him on the job of a technical staff member. While working there he created his own apps and games.
  4. Shyu got a job as a Technical Lead at Goggle in 2014 and worked there for 4 years approximately.
  5. Now in 2018, he got a job at Facebook as a Software engineer. Then he was fired by the company in 2019.
  6. Along with all this Shyu has its own YouTube channel TechLead started on 20th September 2016. He uploaded his first video on his channel in 2018.
  7. On his channel, he started sharing his knowledge and skills about programming this channel became a finance and lifestyle channel.
  8. Today Shyu’s YouTube channel has a total of 34 million subscribers.
  9. He has also criticized major cryptocurrencies, like Bitcoin and Ethereum. So, Patrick Shyu created his own crypto, Million Token, and listed it in CoinGecko.
  10. He has his own website,, where he sells his Tech Interview Pro Training program. He has two other courses named Coder Pro and YouTube Backstage. Shyu teaches through Youtube Backstage how to start and run a successful youtube channel and Tech Interview Pro is a course that helps you pass your tech interview.
  11. The third course by TechLead is Defi Pro, a crypto course an online course and crypto community that teaches how to profit from decentralized finance.

Shyu’s net worth: Patrick has started various ventures and earned good revenue from all these. His total net worth from YouTube, his online courses, affiliate marketing, and sponsorships is $5 million.

This is all about Patrick Shyu, the famous YouTuber, self-med millionaire, app creator, instructor, and online courses tutor.



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