YouTuber Noah Kagan’s Net Worth

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Introduction of Noah Kagan: Born on February 17, 1982, in the United States, Noah is a  famous YouTuber, and head of the software development application  AppSumo. The YouTube channel name is Noah kagan. Today he has 376K subscribers on its channel. Noah shares techniques of business and the experience he gained from there. He is recognized as a Serail entrepreneur means a person who consistently starts new businesses using his ideas.

Personal Life: Noah Currently lives in Austin, Texas. There is no information available about his family and relationship. He never shared all this publicly.

Education and Career: Noah Kagan has done his schooling at Lynbrook hIgh school in San Jose California. He attended college and graduated in 2000. For further education, he took admitted to the University of California, Berkeley. He got a degree in Business and Economics from the Hass Scholl of Business. He completed his degree in 2004.

During his college days, he was already involved in some business ventures. One of them is a website and newsletter OkDork founded in 2001. He has been operatimng it till now.

Just after the college degree completion, he looks for a job. His first official job was at Intel company where his job role was as a geography Marketing Analyst. He also acquired HFG consulting and ended his gigs in both companies in the year 2005.

For almost one year he worked at as a coordinator. Facebook hired him as a product manager and he was the 30th Employee at this company. But fired in 2006 after having suspicions of leaking the company data.

In 2006 Mint Software Inc appointed him as marketing director. He was 4th employee at Mint Inc. In 2007 he left Mint and started Gambit which is a payment method for virtual games. It continues for 3 years and closed in 2010.

Finally, after this Noah started his online entrepreneurial tool named AppSumo.

Being a famous Youtuber his self-named channel Noah Kagan keeps posting videos on regular basis. The main content he shared through his video is about business techniques/ tips and his experiences during his career. Noah actually joined YouTube on 2nd February 2006 but he uploaded his first video in 2011 after the success of AppSumo. In this video, he talked about AppSumo and its progress with time. This app has been a big success for Noah in a short time and he became so capable that he can own an office for his operations.

Noah also invested in Crypto. Initially, he hesitated to do so but due to some reason he had to buy some. Soon he became a crypto millionaire and he shared that he never expected that crypto can be a great contributor to his overall fortune. His own life experiences motivate and guide people to put any effort into whatever they want to achieve in their life.

Net worth: Bitcoin investments plays the main role in his income and made him a millionaire. Also, his YouTube uploads generate an income of $2,200 to $35,700 annually. He is the CEO of AppSumo. If we sum up the income from all these the estimated Net Worth of Noah is $45 million


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