YouTuber Joshua Fluke Net Worth

Joshua Fluke is another famous name in the tech world. Joshua is famous for his YouTube videos on various content. He started his YouTube channel in March 2010 by the name Joshua Fluke. The content shared by him in his video is of wide variety i.e. it covers many fields like Computer Science, lifestyle, and job interviews. Health, college, coding tips, and many more.  Let’s have a look over his life journey and how he became a YouTuber and his other career achievements, net worth, etc.

Joshua Fluke’s early life: Joshua was born on 17 July 1990 in America. His father Michael Fluke occasionally appears in his videos on his YouTube channel. His father is a mechanical engineer and has been an inspiration for Joshua.

He completed his education in Finland. He gives 7 years to his college, community college, engineering college, and a foreign university for his studies. Joshua specialized in various fields and finally chose mechanical engineering. Soon after completing his graduation, he moved back to the US to start his career.

Starting of Joshua’s career: Joshua is very talented and good at his work. The following paragraph illustrates his career major accomplishments.

  • Professionally he is an entrepreneur in Computer science but his journey towards this started from his first job that was of an equipment engineer in Utah.
  • This company decided to create its corporate webpage, Fluke took advantage of this opportunity. This is the first time when during his job days he came to know that he has a passion for website and software development.
  • After getting off from his mechanical engineering work he got work as a part-time developer gig.
  • Before realizing his passion for software development he was working on a video that he uploaded on his YouTube Channel. He started uploading his video on his Channel Joshua Fluke in 2010. In starting he uploaded video gaming-related content in his video.
  • With time he brought a variety in his content to be uploaded on his channel.
  • Today Fluke’s channel has around 506K subscribers.
  • He addresses various topics like health, computer science education, lifestyle, gaming, college, and coding tips, and one of his famous topics is how to land your dream job.
  • He launched a website named GrindReels.Academy where he offers various free and paid courses related to the topics mentioned above. Actually, it is a digital media agency offering various guidance for life in Tech and breaking the traditional mold to achieve your dream.
  • Joshua also posts videos in which he criticizes the working environment of Corporate. Also, he uploaded a video with the claim that DetailsedIn is not a trustworthy website and as a result of this controversies arises too. But this incident helps him to grow his followers on YouTube.
  • He plays the role of an advisor to people seeking careers in the computer science field.

Net Worth: Fluke deals in sponsorship, affiliate marketing, developing software and website, plus he earns fromYouTube ad revenues. In addition to this, he sells online courses for guidance/ training. All this gives him a total net worth of $500,000 as per the estimates.



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