Wild Animals/ Birds sighting near Anacostia Metro Station, Washington DC

These days Washington DC residents are facing a problem due to the attacks of wild animals like turkey, tom and fox. An aggressive tom has been attacking walkers, cyclists and runners on the River walk trail of Anacostia for the past 5 to 6 months. A similar incident came into account on 03rd May, 2022 when a wild fox evade into the Flamingo enclosure and killed a duck and 25 birds. The officials have shifted the other birds to the safe place.  The Smithsonian’s National Zoo officials has said that it is a great loss for us and animal lovers.  We are trying our best to keep other animals and birds safely. Another incident of wild turkey sighting is reported in Washington DC on Wednesday 04th May 2022. Vocalbeast 1987, a Twitter user has posted a video showing a turkey running along a fenced area.

Wild Turkey terrorizing Washington DC residents              

The Wild Turkey, an upland ground bird found in Native America is spotted near Anacostia Metro station in DC. In the last one month, many reports have been made regarding the attacks of the wild turkey. An online video showing that how a turkey is harassing the bikers on the trail is being posted. Also, it was claimed in one of the reports that a wild turkey attacked the hikers in the Anacostia River walk trail.

This fierce bird is attacking the people on the Anacostia River walk path. One of the attacked residents Dede Folarin who told that on 12th April, 2022 he was traversing the trail on bicycle when this wild, big turkey attacked him and claws him in the face and knocked him off the bike. He told that he tried to get away from it to save him. The wild turkey chased him for 5 minutes. Another biker tried to distract the turkey and helped him to escape. Many other residents have also been in the same region.

The Wild Turkey

Wild Turkey is a bird species found in North America, especially in eastern United States and in pockets in western United States. These are also found in parts of northern Mexico. These are large, ground-dwelling birds with long neck and legs, large fan-shaped tail. The average life expectancy of a wild turkey is  1.3 years to 1.6 years. The oldest wild turkey lived for 13 years. These have a keen eyesight and hearing capacity. They are swift runners and fast fliers.

In the early 1900s the bird’s population has fallen to about 200,000. Now this has risen to 7 million, also the American wild turkeys have made a remarkable comeback. This success story of wildlife conservation has a downside too as the aggressive birds have become a menace to the neighboring residents.

This has been a matter of concern for both people residing near the Anacostia River walk and wildlife conservation authority. Concerned authorities are working to hunt the wild birds. Hopefully they will be caught before it attacks more people. Also, it is advised to the people to be aware for their safety on their own.

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