Ways to deal with old tech which is not of use anymore

This is an age of science and technology in which technology is an integral part of life. Science has made our life easy and comfortable. Electronics gadgets, instruments, machines, computers, laptops, mobile phones, tablets PC, memory devices, etc. are used by everyone in their day-to-day life. But it has been troublesome how to dispose of the old tech or e-waste. We are occupied with a large amount of electronic junk. Throwing it in the trash is not a good way to deal with this problem. Mixing the e-waste with other household waste is not an environmentally friendly activity and also it is against the law. There are better places for old tech than landfills.

How can we deal with the old tech and the e-waste?

In our daily life, we use many electronic gadgets and technology and often face the situation of how to deal with electronic waste. Here in the following paragraph, we will see how to deal with it.

  • Firstly check whether the old tech is in working condition or not.
  • If it is working properly or in good working condition then you may get paid for it.
  • Secondly, We can donate it or recycle it.
  • In case it is to be disposed of then we are required to dispose of it in a proper manner. e.g if you have an old battery for disposal then it is necessary to have precautions that it does not harm the environment. US Environment Protection Agency recommends that it is safe to seal the conductive ends of the battery with non-conductive tape before its disposal. Always put the disposable batteries in a plastic bin or container. This method reduces the risk of a fire.
  • Also, there are sites for e-waste disposal you can take your old tech there too for disposing of them or tech repair shops that also deal in old technology that can be used after a little repairment.
  • Note that if lithium-ion batteries are to be disposed of then don’t damage them yourself but hand over them to your nearest e-waste site.
  • There are many programs/ schemes run by the companies for takeback and buyback for large electronic appliances like refrigerators, and stoves, maybe for old cell phones too.
  • many times the old tech/ appliances we have are no more repairable. In that case, the Environment Protection Agency has a list of different manufacturers and businesses that will take your tech, and you can sort by item category. If you don’t have an e-waste disposal collector near you, you can ship your e-waste by mail through groups like Call2Recycle.

Donate your old tech to charity

There are many organizations that deal in the charity of old tech to the needy i.e. they help to find you the ones who need it and these acts are tax-deductible. In the United States, The National Christina Foundation, Computers with Causes, and The world Computer Exchange are three such programs that help to provide used tech to underserved and underprivileged people. These are the some of the ways to deal with old tech and e-waste  in a safe and smart manner.

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