Viggo Mortensen Background including Education & Career

Viggo Mortensen: Viggo Peter Mortensen is a versatile person who got fame in the US because of his talent as an actor, writer, director, photographer, poet, producer, painter, and musician. His talent help him to achieve multiple awards such as Screen Actors Guild Award, and afterward, he was also named for triple academy records, triple BAFTA awards, and four Golden Globe Awards.

Viggo is also known by the people as Aragorn because of the role played by him in the movie series “The Lord of the Rings” The key factor behind his identity as a celebrity was his excellency in the field of art and entertainment.

Previous Days with Education of Viggo: Viggo had his birth on 20th October 1958 in Watertown, New York. Viggo is the senior among all the three siblings whose names are Grace and Viggo Sr. After moving to each and every corner of the globe, his family finally set in Argentina. Viggo started his education at an elementary school situated in South America. It was a time of sorrow for the family when his father divorced his mother in 1969. Finally, Viggo’s mother shifted to the US along with her two children. As a result, Viggo gets matured in New York with his siblings. The schooling was done by the Viggo from Watertown High School in 1976, following further education from St. Lawrence University. From the University, Viggo obtained a degree in Bachelor of Arts in Spanish and Politics. At this point, he moved to Europe where he stayed in England, Spain, and Denmark for two years. After two years, he was back again to the US to commence his career as an actor.

Viggo’s Bright Future: Viggo’s entry into the film industry started with the title role in “The Purple Rose of Cairo” released in 1985. But due to any reason, his scenes were eliminated from the movie. It was the first time when Viggo was seen in the movie in 1995. In the same year, he was assigned a role for the last season of the soap opera “Search for Tomorrow” The outstanding performance was made by the Viggo in “G.I.Jane” as Master Chief Urgayle with Demi Moore. In 1999, Viggo was selected to be Aragorn for “The Lord of the Rings” trilogy by director Peter Jackson.

Again in 2005, Mortensen was featured in David Cronenberg’s movie “A History of Violence” with Maria Bello. Mortensen’s journey continued and for this time, he seems in “Eastern Promises” by David Cronenberg which came out in September 2007. He receives a prize for his masterpiece in British Independent Film from the actor.

Honors made to Victor Mortenson: Having good performance in the film industry, Viggo was also selected for “The Road” a movie based on Cormac McCarthy in 2009. In the same year, he debuted with David Cronenberg in “A Dangerous Method” The key role was played by the Mortensen in a 2009 documentary movie “The People Speak” and the unique thing about this picture was that its story was introduced to the people through musical & dramatical letter performances, diaries, as well as speeches.

Viggo’s reputation goes up with the passage of time and in June 2020, he got the esteemed Donostia award at 68th San Sebastian Film Festival.

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