Unbox Therapy – Net Worth, and his work as a Tech Influencer

Unbox therapy – One of the top tech Influencer of 2022

Lewis George Hilsenteger is the owner of the Youtube channel Unbox therapy. He is popular for the most simple and satisfying content presented to their followers on the latest technology. This channel provides content on unboxing and technology reviews.

What is a Tech Influencer

Tech influencer is especially an expert on social media who gives their reviews on the latest technology introduced in the market. They guide people about various technology items/ gadgets. They analyze the strength and weaknesses of the technology products. They work as a guide to their followers to buy a good quality product which worth their money and also sponsors various companies which launch their new technology/ products in the market.

Let’s explore a little more about Unbox therapy

Unbox therapy is the name of the YouTube channel of Lewis George Hilsenteger. Lewis’ professionalism is recognized by his channel name. Lewis was born in Toronto, Ontario, Canada on 06th May 1985. By profession, he is a tech reviewer, producer, filmmaker, podcaster, and comedian. Lewis went to the Toronto School of Art where he pursued a course in Digital Art Photography and Video Editing. Lewis loves to wear black color. He was always seen wearing black color clothes. He is married and has a son.

Career as a Technology reviewer

Jack McCann and Lewis both started their YouTube channel Unbox therapy in 2010. Jack is a videographer and the one person whom Lewis trusted most. Lewis enjoyed watching videos on unboxing which inspired him to start working on this channel. His channel uploads many videos per week. Chanel has a large fan following of approximately 19  million. Also, channel videos have reached 4.5 billion views. Unbox Therapy has helped subscribers to experience various technology items without spending any money on them. Lewis has another YouTube channel named Lew Later. Lewis is known for his understanding of the needs and demands of his followers and whether what they buy is worth the money they paid for it. Lewis has an Apple repair shop near Ryerson University. One of his videos became the 5tth most watched video on Youtube.

Net Worth

The total net worth of Lewis is $28 million which comes from his channel and other sponsorship deals. Unbox on average has 80 lakh video view per day which in turn make an earning of $6,,500 per day i.e. $2.3 million a year. UK, USA, Canada, and Australia-based content creators of YouTube get $2 to $12 per 1000 video views. This is income from YouTube.  The channel gets a higher than average ad pricing rate due to its type of content being attractive to most high-paying advertisers.

Lewis in his video advertises many companies’ products like McDonald’s, Google, Intel, IBM, WB games, Oral B, Glass USA, Tom Clancy The Division, DBrand, etc. he mentioned the product and services of these companies. These companies in turn paid a high attractive amount to Lewis which help him to generate a good amount of income.

That’s all about the Famous Canadian YouTube star Lewis Hilsenteger.



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