Tai Lopaz Net worth and his journey towards becoming a Entrepreneur

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Tai Lopez’s Introduction – Born on April 11, 1977, in Long Beach California, Tai Lopez is a famous entrepreneur, social media star, and investor. Further in this article, we will explore his life and career accomplishments.

Family History and Tai’s upbringing:  Lopez’s full name is Taino Adrian Lopez. He was raised by her mother and grandmother. His family was not financially so strong so at the age of six, he started his first business of cherry tomatoes. After this, he sold lemonade to earn money. This was the first time when he started taking risks. Tai has a passion for book reading which take him to a habit of reading a book every day.

The area in which Tai lived was not so morally good so at that time there were no friends of him. Due to this he turned to books and read a book by Aristotle. By seeing his interest his grandfather gave him many books to read. Books taught him about the Good Life. A curiosity arises in Lopaz to know more about life and ways to make it better In this response he asked his grandfather to have e some wisdom from him regarding this concept. But his grandfather told him that today’s modern life is very complicated and you will not get all answers from just one person. If you are fortunate then you will find these people who will guide you to the right path. According to Tao, there are four pillars to a good life that are health, wealth, love, and happiness.

Tai Lopez did not complete his studies and started earning money from traveling through various jobs. He visited many countries maybe 51 countries along with India too. He stayed with the Amish for 2 years before returning back to the United States. He learned an important lesson from his time in India that do the most challenging thing in your day first. His desire for travel arises from book reading which he started at an early age.

Lopez did not learn much academically but his success comes from his experience and the books he read. His love for reading is seen in his video “Here in my garage” where he was seen with seven shelves filled with thousand books. Besides all these things the problem of money was not solved for Lopez. This is the time when he started looking for a mentor.

As a mentor, he headed Mike Stainback who worked in a local insurance firm. Mike recognized his talent and introduced him to the regional head of GE Capital. There he got a job as a Certified financial planner. After a short period, he became GE Capital’s top salesperson.

Tai learned a lot along with his journey. When he realized the importance of learning, he decided to share it with others too. For this, he started his online training program named “67 Steps” a monthly subscription program that taught 67 steps to Good life. This mentorship program brings a lot of attention to him. Now he offers various mentorship, training, and high ticket Business Bootcamp.

Net Worth: Tai Lopez’s net worth is $60 million. Being an investor, social media star, and entrepreneur his name and fame rose with time.

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