NOPEC’s Green Community Choice Program is approved by Lakewood Council

Lakewood, a city in Cuyahoga County, Ohio, United States take a decision to offer 100 percent clean energy to its residents. In order to accomplish this task, the Lakewood council approved the NOPEC’s Green Community Choice Program. This initiative is taken to meet the goal of providing 100 percent renewable energy to the city by 2035. Tristan Rader, the Council at large representative told that we approached NOPEC to find clean energy options. In response to this, they approached us and this is the green energy community program means creating a community that is using and supporting this green energy. It is a pretty good deal and we are looking to move forward with this great initiative.

What is NOPEC

The Northeast Ohio Public Energy Council (NOPEC) is a non-profit natural gas and electric energy aggregation representing residential and small business customers in 13 Northeast Ohio counties. It provides 100 percent clean energy through the use of renewable energy resources like wind and solar energy.

NOPEC Executive Director Chuck Keiper said. “We responded with the development of the Green Community Choice Program that helps communities meet their individual sustainability objectives.”We’re extremely proud of our collective organizational efforts to support sustainability and renewable energy development and very excited to offer more options and resources for our member communities to do the same.”

Green Energy

Energy generated from natural resources like sunlight, wind, water, geothermal energy, oceans, biomass, hydrogen, etc. is called green energy. These energy resources don’t harm the environment through pollution-creating factors and greenhouse gases, etc. Green energy is termed clean energy as it does not produce any harmful gases and other pollutants. Green energy is the demand of time. As we are seeing that fuels or traditional energy resources like coal, and oil are producing various gases which are causing environmental pollution i.e. air pollution, acid rain, and greenhouse gases.

Rapidly changing climate, global warming, and melting of snow leading to rising sea levels are the main reasons to opt for new sources of energy like green and clean energy instead of conventional resources. We are getting signs from the nature/ environment to change our activities and adopt the ones which are not damaging. Green energy is one of the best options as it will not only meet our energy needs but also not pollute the environment.

Many countries are joining this initiative of Clean- Green energy and Lakewood Ohio has started to implement it with the help of NOPEC’s Green energy Community program. This change allows Lakewood residents to improve air quality and lower harmful gas emissions while preserving affordability and customer choice. We appreciate Lakewood and NOPEC for making it easy to purchase electricity from renewable sources that will help preserve a livable climate for us all.



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