Net Worth of SoftBank’s CEO Masayoshi Son

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Masayoshi Son’s Net Worth: let’s talk about another famous billionare and investor. In this article, we will speak about Masayoshi Son who is from Japan and famous as a technology entrepreneur. Today he is serving as CEO of SoftBank.

Family and Background: Born on11 August 1957, in  Tosu, Kyushu, Masayoshi is the son of Son Sam-heon who was a fish trader by profession. His family was not financially strong. At the age of 16, he came to the US.

Son completed his high school in just 3 months by giving the required tests only at Serramonte High School. Then he enrolled at the University of California, Berkeley to have a degree in Engineering.

He is married to Masami Ohno. Masayoshi is the father of two daughters. He lives in Tokyo with his family.

Career: Masayoshi started working at an early age may be from his college times.  Some of his career’s main achievements are as follows:

  • His first business venture is the development of an electronic transistor. He sold this to Sharp Corporation and earned $1.7 million from this.
  • Through his next venture, he made $1.5 million. This time he imported used video game machines from Japan, on credit, and installed them in dormitories and restaurants.
  • In 1980, he completed his Economics degree and started Unison in Oakland, CA
  • Son is the founder, chairman, and Chief executive officer of the company SoftBank. He started this in 1981.
  • In its starting days, SoftBank worked as a software seller. By the next year, this company entered the publishing industry.
  • Finally, in 1999 this turned into a holding company, and Son’s share in this was 21.25%.
  • Son has invested in many startups but most of them failed.
  • In 1995 Son bought a share in Yahoo.
  • He invested a $20 million stake in 1999 in Alibaba. His investment in this proved to him a profitable business that provide him a stake worth $130 million in the year 2018.
  • Today, He is the CEO of SoftBank Mobile and Chairman of the US-based Arm Holdings. In 2016, Masayoshi paid $34 billion for it.
  • To invest in innovative technologies he created a Vision fund. Through Vision, Fund SoftBank invested its money in various startups and companies.
  • Today, Soft Bank is the majority owner of the company WeWork.
  • According to Bloomberg Billionare Index, he is the 2nd richest man in Japan and holds 68th ranking in the world list.
  • He was also named on the list of the world’s most powerful persons by Forbes.
  • In the world’s billionaires list released by Forbes for the year 2022, he ranked 74th.
  • Along with this, Son is a philanthropist and keeps doing charity work.

Net Worth: Masayoshi is a great believer in technology and its advancement. From the starting days of his business, he invested in many internet companies. Yet his major investments did not prove so profitable to him i.e. he had a huge loss from his investments but still, he is a billionaire and counted as one of the most successful entrepreneurs. As an investor, founder, and businessman he never stopped and still investing in other ventures like solar power projects, etc. Today, his total net worth is $22.1 billion.


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