Net Worth of Peter Thiel- Founder of PayPal

Pay Pal Co-Founder Peter Thiel’s short introduction: Peter is mainly known as the Co-Founder of PayPal. Along with he invested in many business ventures like Clarium Capital Management, Founders Fund, and Palantir Technologies. He is the first outside investor on Facebook.

The early life of Peter: Petre Thiel was born in Frankfurt, Germany. His date of birth is 11 October 1967. His parents’ names are Susanne and Klaus Friedrich. His whole family moved to Cleveland, Ohio when he was only one year old. By profession, his father was a chemical engineer appointed for various mines across US Due to which Peter has spent his childhood at many places. Finally, his family settled in Foster City, California. Thiel married his company Thiel Capital’s Portfolio Manager Matt Danzeisen in 2017 in Vienna Austria.

In 1985 he graduated from San Mateo High School. He went to Stanford University to study Philosophy. In 1992 he graduates with Juris Doctorate from Stanford law school.


  • Thiel’s career first step was to found Thiel Capital in 1996. Then he co-created PayPal.
  • In 2002 he eBay purchased PayPal worth $1.5 billion and Peter earned a good amount of money from this sale.
  • From some amount from the sale of PayPal, he launched a global macro hedge fund, Clariunm Capital Management. It is an investment management and hedge fund company working on a global macro strategy
  • In the next year, he launched the data analysis firm Palantir Technologies. It is a software company that provides organizations to merge their data, decisions, and operations in an effective manner.
  • In 2004 he became one member of the board of directors of Facebook by purchasing a 10.2% share of the firm.
  • Then the venture capital fund Founders Fund was launched in 2005.
  • After this, he invested in many companies like Spotify, SpaceX, Quora, Detailsedin, and many others.
  • He has written a book named Zero to One.


Net Worth: Peter Thiel earned around $1 billion from Facebook investments. Peter’s stake in PayPal was 3.7% when it was acquired by eBay. This all was worth $60 million. Petre has invested in various companies like Spotify and others. From there he gets a good return. Also, Thiel holds executive posts in the companies he started. Today he has a total net worth of $5 billion.

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