Net Worth of Mrwhosetheboss- Arun Maini

Arun Maini is well known by his YouTube channel name Mrwhosetheboss. Arun Maini is acknowledged by the people due to his excellency in the field of content management. Arun Maini is the leading tech YouTuber in the UK. Arun started his channel on 20 April 2011 and the first video was generated on 22nd April 2011. Arun is featured in various programs such as The Huffington Post, The Daily Telegraph, Business Insider, and Good Morning America. Arun Maini was a talented person and it was only because of his intelligence that he reach the top at medium age.

Start-Up: Arun Maini was born on 24 October 1995 in Nottingham, England. His parents (whose names are Dinesh and Malti) work as the director of the cosmetic clinic. Arun’s junior brother’s name is Karan while the sister’s name is Aanavee. All the family members emerged within India. He always stands first with a good score during his study. Chess was part of his hobby which continued till he become mature. By nature, Arun was shy since his childhood. He was shocked by the fact of how technology works and it happened when he was just of 14 and he got his 01st mobile. He took admitted to Nottingham High School in 2014 and joined the University of Warwick where he got the opportunity to learn economics and obtained a bachelor’s degree in 2017.

Commencement of Profession: It was for the first time when Mrwhosetheboss began to upload videos on YouTube when he got his 01st smartphone in 2011. Maini has done his internship at PricewaterhouseCoopers i.e. a company in the field of accounting. Simultaneously, Arun was using his skills in content writing in order to increase the audience. Post to the internship, he was offered the payment of approximately $46000. But Arun gave importance to his YouTube channel resulting in the rejection of the offer made to him.

Online Victory: In the beginning, Arun created normal videos but as soon as the channel become popular, he widened the field to include laptops, automobiles, as well as vacuum cleaners. Along with this, he also revealed videos in order to show feelings as well as thoughts on the following concerns such as internet companies, media propaganda, and the rise of the metaverse. Two most famed videos made by him are “Turn Your Smartphone into a 3D Hologram” and “How this wallpaper kills your phone”

2021 proved to be a blockbuster year for Arun as this year, Arun Maini got a chance to work with talent management company Night Media. Arun was the winner of the 2021 Streamy Awards on technology. Currently, the total number of Mrwhosetheboss channel subscribers is 10.6 million.

Assets of Arun Maini: It is found that the total profit made by Arun Maini from his YouTube channel cum ad is $1.8 million. Along with this, the main sources of revenue for Arun involve affiliation profits, as well as revenue from sales. Along with YouTube, he also has a fan following on Instagram with 1.4 million followers. Due to the vast income sources, his worth is computed to be around S4 million.

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