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Jason Calacanis’s net worth, life history, and his journey to be an Angel Investor:

Jason McCabe Calacanis is an American Entrepreneur, podcaster, author, and Angel Investor. He is one of the millionaires of the world. Being an entrepreneur, he started his first company which was a part of the dot-com era, and 2nd company weblogs Inc. Today he is serving as an Angel investor in various tech start-ups. Today he is famous as a top internet entrepreneur.

Family and Background: Jason Calcanis was born on 28th November 1970 in Brooklyn, Newyork. His secondary school education is from Xavierian High School. For a degree in Psychology, he enrolled at Fordham University.

Jade Li is his wife and they have three children. Presently Jason and his family are living in San Francisco.

Career and Business: Jason did not start as a businessman directly, he worked as a reporter first. He worked as a reporter covering the rise of the online industry in New York in the 1990s.

  1. Calacanis started another startup named Weblogs Inc. on 24th September 2022 with the support of Brian Alvey. Jasos’ this startup was funded by Angel Investor Mark Cuban.
  2. This was generating $1000 a day from AdSense. It was bought by America Online in 2005 for $25-30 million.
  3. Rising Tide Studios, a media company was founded by Jason. It provided print and digital periodicals. Venture Reporter, Silicon Alley Reporter, and Digital Coast Reporter were covered under this publication. While he was working with this company he was nicknamed the “yearbook editor” of the Silicon Alley community.
  4. Jason organized many conferences covering the internet, web, and media in New York, Los Angeles, and San Francisco. With the end of the dot-com bubble, the Silicon Alley Reporter also failed.
  5. Later after weblogs Inc., he joined Netscape and served there as General Manager.
  6. in 2006 he joined Sequoia Capital and left his job there in 2007.
  7. A search engine named was also launched by Jason. It failed too in the year 2014.
  8. In 2009, he take another step toward a new business venture. This he opened The Open Angel Forum. It was an event that connects the early startups with Angel Investors.
  9. Presently he is working as an Angel investor for various business ventures like Uber, Robinhood, Wealthfront, Datastax, Superhuman, Thumbtack, Trello, etc.
  10. Jason started a weekly podcast named “This week in Startups”. It was started in 2009. This show is still popular as the most influential podcast related to Angel investing. But it was closed in 2014.
  11. Another podcast hosted by Jason is “All in”.
  12. “Angel: How To Invest in Technology Startups” is a book written by Jason and published in 2017. Along with this Jason also invested in Calm which is a meditation app.

All these investments and startups are supported by Jason and made him a successful entrepreneur and Angel Investor.

Net Worth: Jason is a business magnate who earns around $4 million every year just from his investments and businesses. Also, he is a podcaster, writer, and angel investor. From all these resources Jason Calacanis’ Net Worth is $100 million.



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