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Michael Fisher is a popular Youtuber from the United States and running his youtube channel MrMobile [Michael Fisher] since 2016. He was born in Southampton, New York, US on 29th March 1983. If we talk about his family, Michael Fisher’s father is Willie Fisher. By profession, Willie is United States Coast Guard Captain and a woodworker. No information is available about his other family members.

Michael’s journey toward his success has a very interesting story. He thought about becoming an actor during his young days but today he is famous as a tech. reviewer on YouTube. He is famous for his channel name MrMobile [Michael Fisher]. In this article, we will know more about his journey from an actor to a YouTuber.


  • Michael went to Mattituck Jr/Sr High School in Mattituck, New York for his school education.
  • He enrolled at Old Dominion University in Norfolk, Virginia. From ODU he graduated in 2008. The course pursued by him was Fine Arts.
  • During his college days, he thought that he would join the navy but he completed his college with a degree with work experience in Theater.
  • Michael was interested in science and gadgets since his childhood but he never thought to have it as a career.

Career: Today, Michael is known as a sailor, actor, podcaster, writer, and YouTuber. Some of his major career achievements are as follows:

  • In 2007, Michael started working as a YouTuber for his father’s channel Rapidnanion. Michael worked as an editor, videographer, blogger, and model maker. He did all this to just help his father, he had not planned to be a YouTuber at that time.
  • From 2003 to 2012, Michael worked as an actor and completed many projects. Some of his famous movies are A Haunting (2005), Psychic Witness (2005), and Almost History: The USS Cole (2006).
  • He worked as an independent professional actor and performed on stage, on TV, films.
  • He worked as a voice artist too.
  • Michael also worked as Wireless Consultant at Sprint Nextel.
  • Michael performed for various plays and commercials. But in 2012 Fisher quit his acting career to follow his passion for technology.
  • If we talk about his tech career, he joined Pocketnow and served in many job roles there like editor, editorial director, senior editor, etc.
  • As Michael has worked as a blogger while helping his father so his dream was to be a blogger and wanted to work for Engadget and The Verge. But while at Pocketnow he was asked to do video work more and it helped him to have a great interest in creating videos. It helped him a lot while working for his own YouTube channel.
  • In 2016, he finally started his YouTube channel named Mr. Mobile[Michael Fisher]
  • Today he is famous for his good quality videos and tech content. He reviews various consumer technology products like phones, Kindles, tablets, smartwatches, laptops, headphones, cars, drones, etc. Michael’s channel has 1.18 million subscribers and more than 2 billion views.

Net Worth: As a famous YouTuber, actor, writer/ blogger, and podcasterFisher is earning well and with each year his net worth is increasing. As of 2022, Michael Fisher’s total net worth is around $600 Thousand.

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