Michael Jordan – Net worth, Life history, career achievements as Basketball player

Michael Jordan is a famous American Businessman, and a former basketball player. Michael is considered one of the best basketball players ever. Today he is counted as the richest professional athlete.

Michael Jordan’s  Net worth: Net Worth of Michael Jordan is $2.2 billion as per the 2022 data. He was paid $93.7 million during the course of the NBA. It was the first time when an athlete made over $30 million in a single year. Now Jordan has retired as a basketball player but still, he earns more than $100 million a year through business ventures. He became a multi-billionaire after having a majority stake in the NBA team Charlotte Hornets.

The family and Life history: Michael Jordan’s full name is Michael Jeffery Jordan. He was born on 17 February 1963 in Brooklyn, New York, USA. Jordan’s father James R. Jordan was an equipment supervisor. His mother Deloris was a Finance Professional. He has done his schooling at Emsley A. Laney High School where he participated in Football, basketball, and Baseball. He was rejected due to his height for the basketball varsity team. He became disappointed after this and to prove his talent he worked hard and be a star of Laney’s junior varsity team. After this, he got many opportunities and proved himself every time he is the best player. He also played for various college programs Basketball counting Duke, Virginia, South Carolina, and North Carolina. In 1988 he got a basketball scholarship. Yuvette Prieto, an American model from Cuba is Jordan’s wife. They married in 2013 in Florida.


Following are some major achievements of Michael as a basketball player.

Michael Jordan started playing at the school level and continue it at the college level too. In the 1992, NCAA championship game Jordan made a game-winning jump shot. It was a major turning point in his basketball career. Jordan was named to ACC’s 50th Anniversary men’s basketball team in 2002.  On this occasion, Jordan was honored with the title of the greatest player in ACC history. Because of his talent and his command over the basketball game he won many titles during his basketball career which are as follows:

  • NBA Rookie of the year award 1985,
  • NBA all Rookie team 1985,
  • NBA’s most valuable player in 1992, 1996, and 1998.
  • NBA’s Defensive Player of the year award 1988
  • NBA’s Finals most valuable player in 1996, 97, 98.
  • All-star Game Kobe Bryant MVP Award 1988, 1996,1998.
  • The presidential Model of freedom was presented by Barack Obama to Michael Jordan In 2016.
  • In August 2009 an exhibition was opened in the name of Jordan in which his college items, NBA teams items, and Along with  1992 dream team.
  • Jordan has been a major spokesperson/ representative for various brands like coca-cola, Mcdonald’s, Nike, Ball Park Franks, Wheaties, etc. Nike created a signature shoe for Jordan called Air Jordan.
  • In 2010, Forbes ranked him the 20 most powerful celebrity who made $55 million from 2009 to 2010. In 2014 he became a Billionaire NBA player. In addition to all this, Jordan has made his presence on TV and in Films. He has written many books too i.e. tried his talent in writing too.



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