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Mark Rober is an American Youtuber famous for the precious work he is doing by teaching people about science and technology through his videos. He is a former Apple and NASA Engineer. Let’s know more about him in detail.

Introduction to his early life: Mark is an American inventor, Engineer, and YouTube personality. He served 9 years at NASA and 4 years for Apple as a product designer. He was born in Orange County, California, US on 11th March 1980. He was passionate about engineering from his childhood and keep inventing many things. His first invention was goggles that prevent watery eyes while cutting onions. For his bachelor’s degree in mechanical engineering, he enrolled at Brigham Young University. For his master’s he went to the University of Southern California.

If we talk about his personal life, he is married to Lisa Rober. He has a son and affected by Autism. Due to this, Rober work for Autism awareness. Presently he is living in Sunnyvale, California.

Career: Mark’s journey shows that he has worked in various fields like investment, making videos, and engineering. Below we have listed some of his career achievements.

  • In 2004 Mark joined NASA and gave 9 years of his life to serve there. He worked at Jet Propulsion Laboratory. For 7 years he worked for Curiosity Rover. Rober was the main architect at NASA for the comprehensive knowledge capture wiki.
  • During his days at NASA, he uploaded many viral videos on a variety of topics like ideas for April fool’s day prank, water purification, etc. He advocates science in his videos.
  • He started his self-named youtube channel on 20th October 2011. This year he uploaded his first youtube video. He uploads popular science, engineering ideas, and DIY content in his videos.
  • In the following year, he started his company Digital Dudz. It was an online company that deals in Halloween costumes showed by him in his videos. Later in 2013, he sold this to a UK company.
  • Since 2011, Mark regularly uploads his videos and today he has a total of 21.9 million subscribers and approximately 3 billion views on his channel.
  • Another major efforts made by him in his career are that writing articles on mental health.
  • Mark has given TEDx talks with the title “How to come up with good ideas” and “The Super Mario Effect – Tricking Your Brain into Learning More”.
  • Along with this, he came live with Jimmy Kimmel. They both announced to stream a live show on the topic Next for Autism. 
  • From 2015 to 2020, Rober served at Apple company for special project groups.
  • He also participated in various projects which were environment friendly. Some of these were #TeamTree, and #TeamSea, these were mainly for tree plantation and cleaning of seas and beaches.
  • He also launched a creative engineering program for 30 days and it was an online program.
  • In 2021, Rober was honored with an Honorary Fellowship by The Institute of Engineering and Technology in recognition of his outstanding contribution to the engineering profession.

Net Worth: Throughout his career, Mark has given his best and shown his talent. He is a great engineer, successful YouTuber, and former NASA and Apple employee. His total net worth is around $ 5 to 6 million. 

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