Linus Tech Tips(LTT) Net worth

Linus Tech Tips(LTT) is a popular YouTube channel known for its tech-focused content to educate people through its entertaining videos. This channel is owned by Linus Gabriel Sebastian.  The channel was created on 24th November 2008. It is one of the most viewed technology channels on YouTube. This channel has 14.5 million subscribers. This channel was named the Top 1% channel which is preferred by Google for advertising.

Linus Tech Tips(LTT) Net worth: There are a number of Tech YouTube channels run by Linus Sebastian. Also, the Linus Media Group is also owned by Sebastian along with Flotplane. The estimated total net worth of LTT from all these resources is $5 million.

 Linus Gabriel Sebastian’s early life: Linus is a Canadian Youtuber who is the founder of Linus Media Group and creator and host of the famous Technology YouTube channel Linus Tech Tips. Along with this Linus also operates other YouTube channels named ShortCircuit, Techquickie, TechDetailsed, and many othersSebastian was born on 20th August 1986 in Surrey, British Colombia, Canada. He completed his school education at Canada Garibaldi Secondary School. For higher education, he went to the University of British Columbia. During his college days, he came to realize his passion for technology. He then follows it and makes a shining career in this. In 2011, Sebastian married Yvonne Ho who is from Hong Kong. He is the father of one son and two daughters. Sebastian’s Favourite Youtubers are Marques Brownlee, Austin Evans, and TotalBiscuit. In 2020, he decided to retire but he changed his mind and continue his work.

Career and achievements: Linus Sebastian has many achievements but here we will start from the beginning.

  • Sebastian worked as a painter and swimming instructor for some time.
  • In 2007 he was recruited as a category manager by Canadian Online Computer Retailer NCIX.
  • In his early days at NCIX once he was asked to shoot a video for its technology channel to demonstrate the products. At that time, there were low viewers and high costs so the company asked Linus to create a technology channel for a cheaper offshoot for NCIX. He worked at NCIX in various job roles like product manager, full-time sales representative, high-end system designer, and category manager. But due to a dispute with company management, he left this job.
  • After this, Linus worked full time on his YouTube channel LTT to educate people about technology He provided good and satisfactory content based on technology. His tech review helped people to choose the best technology. It has been on the list of most-watched channel on YouTube.
  • Linus Media Group (LMG) which is founded by Linus Sebastian in January 2013 out of a garage in Surrey, British Columbia, Canada is a great achievement of her career. Now the company has a total of 65 full-time employees.
  • From 2017 to 2019 Linus Media Group hosted an event named LTX Expo “a convention for tech-focused content creators and personalities”. 
  • LMG gives Linus Tech Tips an identity of Independent move. In 2016 Linus Tech Tips shot a video showing a computer that is capable of handling seven users at one time. this video became big technology news on various websites. likewise, many other useful videos regarding the tech review and step-by-step computer build guides, and a variety of other tech-focused content were uploaded by the LTT.
  • In 2015, Inc. magazine placed Sebastian on the list of Top 30 Power Players in Tech.

This is all about the LTT and Sebastian’s career achievements.

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