Kass Morgan Net worth, her life history and career achievements

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About Kass Morgan: Kass Morgan is a famous American Young Adult Author and editor who has written the famous book series The 100. This book is one of Amazon’s best-selling books on which a television series is made. In this article, we will introduce her family, famous writings as an author, income resources, and net worth.

Kass Morgan family and relationships: Kass Morgan whose real name is Mallory A. Kass is a famous author and editor from the United States. She is known by her pen name Kass Morgan. Kass was born on  21st July 1984 in New York. She is the daughter of Sam Henry Kass and Marcia Bloom. Kass has studied at Brown University. She studied English and History there and then got a Master’s degree in 19th Century literature at Oxford University. Kass is unmarried and living in New York City these days and working as a senior editor at Scholastic. She also appeared on Jeopardy, an American quiz show on 10th May 2022.

Scholastic: Scholastic Corporation is a multinational, publishing, education, and media company. It publishes and issues comics, education material, and books for children, schools, and parents. Retail and online sales are used for the distribution of these materials. Also, they contact schools and reading clubs for this purpose and sometimes organize book fairs too.

Achievements of Kass: Following are the main attainments of Kass as a writer. Her category for writing is Young adult, dystopian, science fiction, and post-apocalyptic.

Kass has been known as the author of The 100. It is a dystopian science fiction book series for adult readers. It has four series which mainly are:

  • The 100(2013)
  • Day 21(2014)
  • Homecoming(2015)
  • Rebellion(2016)

Her other famous writings are Light years and the Raven series. The light Year series includes Light Years and Supernova.

Net Worth of Kass Morgan: Kass Morgan is one of the youngest and wealthiest adult authors. Her total net worth is $44.17 milion.


  1. Kass is a big fan of William Shanter, the famous Canadian actor, and follows him on Twitter too.
  2. She was called for the internet episode of After Buzz for the last episode of season 2. After Buzz is the online broadcast entertainment news platform that discusses, interviews promote, and reports on the widest range of TV shows.
  3. The 100 which is a series of young adults science fiction novels is now a television series on CW. CW is an American English-language commercial broadcasting television channel.

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