Justine Ezarik Net Worth

Justin Ezarik the famous YouTuber’s Net Worth and life history:

Justin is an American actress, host, author, and YouTuber. She has her own YouTube channel named ijustine. Her channel has a total of 6.69 million subscribers. She makes videos on gaming, tech, failed cooking attempts, and traveling Vlogs. She joined YouTube on 06th May 2006. She has written her book I, Justine: Analog Memoir published in 2015.

Justine’s Family background: Justine’s birth date is 20th March 1984. She was born in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, US. Ezarik’ parent’s name is Steve Ezarik and Michelle Ezarik. Ezarik went to Bentworth High School in Washington County. She completed her graduation in 2004 from Pittsburg Technical Institute.

Career: Justin’s journey has been very interesting. She has seen vast variation in her career from starting as a video editor and graphic designer to famous YouTuber, host, and actress in various TV and web series and films to a life caster.  Following are her life career major achievements.

  • After completing her studies Justin Ezarik worked as a graphic designer and video editor. In 2005, she attended “Yahoo The talent show”. There she was one of five finalists for the online video category.
  • She worked for the television series “The Kill Point” in the year 2007.
  • Ezarik has her own lifecasting channel named justin.tv and ijustin.tv. She was noticed mainly after this when she communicated directly will millions of viewers. New York Times and The street Journal both named her as the most famous life caster.
  • She is a Youtube vlogger who went viral after uploading a video of a 300-page iPhone bill. She went on to gain more than 6 million subscribers.
  • In 2017, Forbes named her as one of the top 10 tech/ Business Influencers.
  • She has played many roles in various television series, YouTube series, films, and web series
  • Justin has been nominated for many awards.
  • Some of the awards she won are Streamy Awards for Best Lifestyle series and best Ensamble cast for Escape the Night.
  • Webby awards were given to her for the web personality/ host category.
  • Justin has her own gaming channel named ijustingaming.
  • Channel has more than 1.7 billion views which is also a big achievement.
  • Today she is a renowned personality in the tech world.
  • A famous digital influence and

Net Worth: Justin being a famous YouTuber, actress, host, and lifecast, earns money through various resources. From all these resources her net worth is $4.5 million.

That’s all about Justin and her life story and journey towards becoming a successful YouTuber, host, actress, and life caster.


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