How to Make Money as a Transcriptionist?

Typesetters who capture documents from audio recordings can work from the comfort of their homes. You can also choose the working hours that are convenient for you. So you can earn money in the morning before your kids wake up before they go to bed late at night, or at any other time. If you like the idea of ​​working from home and copying, read on to find out how to get started.

How Much Money Does a Transcriptionist Make?

Transcription involves converting live or recorded audio into text in a document. There are two types of transfer work. They are verbal and non-verbal (sometimes called intellectual) transcriptions.

Verbal transcription involves the transformation of any text, including “uh” and even laughter. This type of warrior is common in the legal field. Non-verbal transcription only changes the relevant text and makes minor changes to grammar, etc. You can work as a general, a lawyer, or a doctor. One of the great things about translation jobs is that you can do the job day or night. This means you may miss your schedule at home or at another job.

What this means for you is that you have a lot of control over your income.

Experienced warriors can earn over $15-$25 an hour. Transcription beginners can start with less work.

How to Get Started as a Transcriptionist

If you want to start working as a typist, we recommend starting with an internship. Learning the basics from an experienced transcription expert like Janet from Transcribe Anywhere will help you figure out what to do to improve your transcription skills.

To write a successful manuscript, you will need the following skills:

  • Good listening skills
  • Good writing skills
  • Detailed and organized personality

However, you can learn this with a quality transcription course and writing skills can be improved with practice.

There are four basic tools you will need to get started as a typist.

  • A Computer
  • High-speed Internet connection
  • Transcription software
  • High-quality footswitch

A footswitch is used to start and stop audio transmission as needed. The foot pedal is not essential for mortal operation, but you will find it very useful.

Where to Learn How to Transcribe

Taking the Transcribe Anywhere course (or equivalent) will teach you how to become a successful fighter before you get your first job.

For example, the Transcribe Anywhere course helps by providing:

  • Access to the best deals on high-quality tools
  • Useful shortcuts
  • Timely programming advice
  • Transcription style guides
  • Detailss to the best software
  • How-to guides and tests Step-by-step job search guides, and other useful tools

Before you start, this kind of preparation and experience will give you a competitive edge.

7 Companies That Hire Beginner Transcriptionists

Some companies hire inexperienced typists. Some have requirements that must be met. For example, a specific write speed. Others have entrance tests that must be passed before getting a job.

Most transcription companies hire the deceased as independent contractors. This means that you are responsible for keeping track of your income and expenses. Independent contractors are also responsible for paying their own taxes. So, set aside a portion of every paycheck.

1. Rev

Rev was founded in 2010 by five MIT alumni. result? We create services for freelancers who want to work and clients who need services without geographical boundaries.

  • Interest payments: $0.30 to $1.10 per minute of audio or video
  • Payment Frequency: Weekly via PayPal
  • Availability: Highly
  • Skilled: Take tests to prove your knowledge of English and grammar and submit transcription forms

If you are fluent in a foreign language, you can become a subtitle translator for the pastor. This position brings a higher salary: from 1.50 to 3.00 USD per minute of audio/video.

2. GMR Transcription

GMR Warrior was founded in 2004. The goal is to bring the latest technology to corporate business and combine that technology with highly skilled warriors.

  • Payout rate: not disclosed; Some estimates range from $0.70 to $1.25 per minute of audio, with payouts based on the number of speakers in the audio, audio quality, and running time.
  • Payment Frequency: Monthly via PayPal
  • Availability: Highly
  • Qualified: Submit your CV and wait for qualification testing instructions.

GMR Transcript requires the submission of a two-hour audio recording prior to receipt of payment. Evaluate the quality of work during this trial period. Once hired, you must do at least 4 hours of audio work per month.

3. Daily Transcription

Daily Transcription has been providing corporate services for over 10 years. The company is based in the United States and does not outsource its operations. This means that there is almost always a vacancy for a typist.

  • Pay Rate: $0.75 to $0.85 per minute per audio
  • Salary Rate: Weekly
  • Availability: Intermediate
  • Qualifications: Present and pass skills assessment and transcription tests.

The company claims that top fighters earn between $250 and $950 per week. The better you transcribe, the more you can do. One great thing about this company is that they support you by providing feedback when you are just getting started.

4. GoTranscript

GoTranscript was founded in Scotland in 2006. The company is based in the UK but employs typists from all over the world.

  • Reward Rate: Audio up to $0.60 per minute
  • Pay Rate: Weekly via PayPal
  • Job Availability: High
  • Tech: Rewrite test with successful results.

The company allocates 6 hours to copy 10 minutes of audio and enough time for slow writers. GoTranscript allows you to work as long as you want.

5. Way With Words

Transcription service Way With Words was launched in 2001. They are located in the US, Canada, UK, Australia, and South Africa.

  • Pay Rate: Audio $0.45 to $1.73 per minute
  • Pay Frequency: Monthly job via PayPal
  • Availability: Highly
  • Qualified: Take and pass an entrance test

Ways With Words offers paid professional training and allows you to work fewer hours. As much as you want, keep in mind that this company only pays once a month, like GMR transcription. For this reason, if you rely on your corporate earnings to pay your bills, you need to manage your money within your budget. Otherwise, it may be difficult to change the exam this month.

6. CastingWords

CastingWords was founded in 2005 in New Mexico. We sell transcription services in several languages. Thus, if you are bilingual, you have more career opportunities.

  • Pay Rate: $0.85 to $1.00 or more per minute for audio
  • Average pay: Weekly job via PayPal
  • Availability: Highly
  • Qualified: Take and pass an entrance test

Every CastingWords job has a different pay rate. The company evaluates the performance of each task. If you look down on your job at work, they quit your job and you don’t get paid. If your work is acceptable, the higher the level of work performed, the higher your salary.

7. CrowdSurf

CrowdSurf offers short transfer transactions that can be done at any time of the day or night. You must apply through the WorkMarket online job exchange. After creating a job market account, you can sign up to start working with CrowdSurf.

  • Payout rate: $0.03 to $0.20 per minute of audio and potential bonus
  • payout frequency: You can withdraw daily via PayPalWork through the Job Market.
  • Availability: Intermediate
  • Qualification: Pass and take entrance tests and audition within 3-5 business days.

After passing the batch test, create an account on the CrowdSurfWork platform. All available warrior spells are displayed on the platform. You can select and complete tasks as you wish by following the instructions provided for each available task.


You can earn money by working as a typist at home. However, with quality education, you can make more money and enjoy your job more. Once you gain experience as a warrior, you will be able to earn over $100 a day. Depending on the number of words you can type per minute and the accuracy of your media copy, you can earn more experience each week.

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