Gavin Wood’s Net Worth

Gavin Wood – The famous Computer Scientist and Software Developer

Introduction – Gavin is one of the richest people in the crypto world. He is a Computer Scientist, co-founder of Ethereum, and founder of Polkadot and Kusama and created solidity, a computer language vital for creating smart contracts on the Ethereum blockchain.

Early life: Gavin James Wood was born in Lancaster, United Kingdom. He was born in April 1980. From his childhood, he was strongly interested in games and Economics.

Gavin’s interest in programming develops at the age of nine when he got his first computer and his neighbor helped him to learn to program. For his school education, Gavin went to Lancaster Royal Grammar School. For higher education, he enrolled at the University of New York to pursue his Master’s degree in computer systems and Software engineering and completed his degree in 2002. Then he finished his Ph.D.  in the “Content-based visualization to aid common navigation of musical audio” in the year 2005.


  • Wood’s first job was as a consultant for Microsoft Wood is known as the computer scientist who played a major role in World’s first C++ language workbench to build it.
  • Co-Founder of Ethereum – Wood was not interested to work in cryptocurrency. But one of his friends met him Vitalik Bhasin, the co-founder of There he realized the future possibilities of success in Crypto.
  • Gavin is the first Chief Technology Officer at Ethereum.
  • After this he worked on his next project Web 3.0. as a result he co-founded Parity Technologies. It helped to create a fundamental blockchain-based platform for Web 3.0 networks.
  • Web3 Foundation is non-profit in nature and dedicated to decentralized internet technology and infrastructure. Its first project was Polkadot and launched Kusama which is an early phase experimental application framework for Polkadot.
  • Polkadot uses a Proof of Stake process instead of Ethereum’s Proof of Work approach. It allows developers to establish their own blockchain that can communicate with other ledgers, establishing a system of para chains.
  • With time Wood’s knowledge and experience increased and it helped him to the successful launch of a number of blockchain-based software products. Wood has a strong belief that Crypto will give better returns in the future.

Net Worth: Wood’s NeT worth is $450 million. He also does charity work like Amid 2022 Russian invasion of Ukraine Wood donated $5.8 million in cryptocurrency to support Ukraine.


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