Famous Crypto Analyst Willy Woo’s Net worth

Willy Woo is an on-chain crypto Analyst and founder of The Bitcoin Forecast. Willy gives a forecast of Bitcoin price moves using blockchain data. More than 550,000 investors follow him for his data-rich understanding.

An introduction to his life: Will woo was born in Hong Kong but his family moved to New Zealand he was a child. Details about his family are not available anywhere. He never shared anything about his personal life. Willy completed his schooling and higher education in New Zealand. Then he moved to Canada While he was in Canada he developed his interest in a technology startups. As a tech entrepreneur, he designed mobile apps. Today he is well known as a Bitcoin Analyst and researcher, Investor, and founder of The Bitcoin Forecast.

Willy visits Hong Kong for work purposes. He was fully involved in Gold during the 2008 Financial crisis and closed his all businesses.

About On-Chain analysis: On-chain analysis is an emerging field that involves examining the fundamentals, utility, and transaction activity of a cryptocurrency and its blockchain data. On-chain analysts attempt to improve their understanding of a network in order to predict future price movements through analyzing a variety of metrics.

Origination of Crypto:

Woo came to know about Bitcoin in 2013 from one of his colleagues. He studied Crypto and compared it to digital gold. In 2014 he noticed that the Bitcoin community is growing rapidly and it inspired him to go deep into knowledge about it. Very soon he became a Bitcoin-on-chain expert. He has a good understanding of how to analyze data on a blockchain to predict market sentiments.

His popularity on the internet is because of an online writer who mainly writes about technical crypto. Woo worked with CoinDesk and Forbes. The plus point of his work with these two was that very soon he gained a good social media following.

In 2016 he became a full-time on-chain researcher and shared free market insights on his Twitter account. From there he got huge followers. Currently, his follower count is around 1 million.

Willy has its own website and blog Woobull.com. Here Woo shares his insights about his studies on Crypto Investments. Almost all predictions of Woo about this Crypto market have proved accurate which builds trust towards him among his customers.

It is predicted by him that the price of Bitcoin will reach from $80,000 to $1,20,000 in the Future. But due to high-interest rates and less money printing in the US, it seems not true to happen.

Net Worth and Earnings: Woo has an important place in the crypto space and he earns a good amount of income as an analyst. His presence on social media helped him to make his newsletter the most popular on the substack. As it was paid so it also helped Woo to make money from there. He has a big part of his wealth in digital assets out of which Bitcoin is his main holding. It is estimated that Woo’s total Net worth is $10 million.



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