Extraordinary Mother’s Day Stories: Beliefs about Living, Dying, Parenting and Others

No doubt to say Mother’s Day is a special day. But this day is still a day of dissatisfaction for some and not for others. Those who are attached to their mom with great affection take this day as a golden day in their life and they respect their mother on this special day. But for some people, this is a day fulfill with sadness and sorrow. For single mothers, it is not a day of ease and display. For those who have lost their moms, although it is a day of expression they suffer as sorrow becomes superior.

Mother’s Day represents the value of mothers in society. In some countries, this auspicious day is celebrated in the month of March while in others this day takes place in the month of May. The credit to start up the worship service along with the celebration goes to Anna Jarvis who organized the event on this special day in Andrews Methodist Episcopal Church in Grafton, West Virginia in 1907.  The initiative was commenced by Anna in 1905 when her mother Ann Reeves Jarvis was no more in this world. The efforts made by her took practical shape after two years i.e. in 1907. On the contrary, some people oppose this remarkable day. In 1908, US congress directly opposes the proposal to announce mother’s day to be an official day in the US with the argument that along with this day there will need to declare ‘Mother in Law’s Day too.

On this remarkable day, three mothers of the USA are sharing ideas on love, deprivation, motherhood, and the importance of Mother’s Day. The name of these three mothers is Connie Schultz, Shannon Rae Green, and Ashley.

Here, James Brown is adding some discussions on 08th May 2022, especially for mothers. James is introducing about own mother. She takes care of all six siblings including me on her own. I don’t have jealousy toward other mothers as they are also respectful of this hard job of child-caring. In the conversation between James Brown and Connie Schultz, the latter is explaining the emotions shown in the picture captured before her position as a single mother.

Furthermore, in the next phase, some happiest moments are reflected through the photo i.e., pride as well as joy. The safest and securer phases of a girl child are expressed. A mother who is on a job and how she manages to take care of their child. In beginning, she was defending. She introduced that in past, there were many mothers who were single mothers, but some were married.

As time passes, the day was celebrated in different countries with different names i.e. in the United Kingdom as Mothering Sunday while in Greece, Eastern Orthodox. In Russia, International Women’s Day is held like mother’s day.

Overall, mother’s day is a popular day known worldwide because of the role played by mothers in society. The significance of mothers in society is special. The role played by the US in the implementation of mother day can not be neglected.

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