Erica Griffin’s Net worth, lifestyle, career, family

Here in this article, we will talk about one of the famous tech influencers Erica Griffin, The famous Youtuber with the channel name The Technology Nerd. We will explore her family, relationships, career, net worth, etc.

Erica Griffin- introduction about her life, Education, and family

  • Erica Griffin, the YouTube star who gives tech reviews on her Youtube channel The Technology Nerd. She goes in-depth in her reviews and is known for her honesty among his viewers.
  • Born on 31st January 1989 in Seattle, Washington, United States.
  • She started her YouTube channel in 2009.
  • Erica and Keaton Keller both work together and give technology reviews on their respective youtube channels.
  • Erica is a Science Graduate in Cognitive Science from the University of San Deigo.
  • She has a specialization in Human-Computer Interaction.
  • She is a fan of games and shows off her talent through the homemade Nintendo switch.
  • She introduced her husband through a youtube video named My husband: Unboxing and Hands-on. Her husband’s name is Jon.
  • Now she is pregnant with her first child.

Erica’s career details

  • Erica worked in sales at Petco
  • Erica starts her first job as a blogger at XDA- Developers
  • Then from July 2012, she worked as a reviewer.
  • In 2012 as a full-time career, she became a technology journalist and independent reviewer.
  • she provides balanced reviews to her audience which helps them to upgrade to new and better versions of the technology.
  • Erica’s channel has approximately 887K subscribers.
  • Erica’s channel has 17.64 thousand views per month means 5.88 thousand views per day.
  • She uploads new videos every weekend on her channel but currently, uploads are at a falter due to her pregnancy.
  • She is now active on her Twitter account for constant interaction with her viewers/ followers.

Net Worth

Erica is a famous YouTube star with a strong fan following of around 887,000. Channels which is monetized can earn through youtube ads for every 1000 video views. The income per thousand video views is between $3 to $7. This means Erica can earn $706 per month which is 10.58 thousand a year. For some YouTubers, this rate is higher than $7 if Erica is from that group then her yearly income is $19.05 thousand. Besides all this, there are many resources of income for YouTubers.

It is estimated that the net worth of Erica Griffin is around $100 Thousand. While some reports proposed that the income of her net worth may be higher than it i.e. it may be $250 Thousand. That’s all about Erica Griffin.



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