Details of Susan Wojcicki’ journey towards becoming CEO of YouTube, Family and Net Worth

Susan Wojcicki Net worth, family, career, and other details:

Susane Diane Wijcicki is the CEO of YouTube. She is a Polish-American businesswoman, Executive, Manager, and Economist and work for over years in Tech Industry. She was one of the founding members of Google. In the following article, we will talk about her personal, and professional life and Net worth.

Family and Education: Susan was born on 05th July 1968 in Santa Clara County, California, USA. Her mother Esther Wojcicki was a Jewish Educator and his father Stanley was a Physics Professor at Stanford University. Her schooling is at Gunn High School in Palo Alto, California. During her school days, she wrote for the school newspaper. From Harvard University, she graduated in Literature and History in 1990. With time Susan got interested in Technology. She pursued a Master’s degree in Economics in 1993 from the University of California, Santa Cruz. From UCLA Anderson School of Management, she completed her MBA in 1998. Susan has worked as a marketing manager, and management consultant in various companies like Intel Corporation, R.B. Webber, and Company.

Relationship: Susan’s husband is Dennis Troper. They married in 1998. Troper is working for Wear OS of Google. He is a product management director. Susan and Troper have five kids.

Work and  achievements: Susan has many professional work achievements of which some are as follows:

  • In 1999 Susan became marketing manager for Google. She has been off of the members who helped in developing various services of Google like Google Doddle, and Google Image Search.
  • She is awarded the Google founder Award for her outstanding work.
  • Susan operates various advertising and analytic products like AdSense, AdWords, DoubleTap, and Google Analytics.
  • She proposed to buy YouTube and manage its work.
  • In February 2014 Susan was appointed as CEO of YouTube.
  • It has been around 20 successful years of her in Technology.
  • She has been in a marketing and consulting position during her work at Google and other companies.
  • Susan is conferred with many titles like “most important person in advertising”, “the most powerful woman on the internet” and “100 most influential people ” on Time’s list.
  • It is a great achievement for her as the company’s users reached 2 billion after her appointment as YouTube CEO. Also, the percentage of female employees on YouTub has risen to 30% during her tenure.
  • Susanne Ranked 34 on the list of America’s self-made women’s list.


Net Worth: Despite many challenges and controversies Susan is still holding her job role and doing well. She has taken the company YouTube to a new level. According to Forbes, her net worth of Susane has grown exponentially after she became the CEO of YouTube. In 2015 net worth of Susan was $300 million. In 2021, the net worth has increased to $815 million. Susan made $374,829 as an Independent Director of Inc. Susan owns more than 100,000 units of Salesforce inc. Stock.

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