Details of Romain Zago personal life and Net worth

About Romain Zago: The famous television celebrity Romain Zago was born in France on 08th November 1972. He is the owner of Mynt Lounge Club, Miami. Romain is raised in Italy and Brazil. From his childhood, he got the chance to live in different places in different countries. Due to this, he is fluent in five languages. Romain is the ex-husband of Joanna Krupa, the famous American actress, and model. Joanna is also known as an Animal Right Activist. Both of them married after a long relationship of five years in 2013 but in 2017 they both divorced after the allegations on Zago that he is cheating on Joanna. After the end of her relationship with Joanna, Zago married the fitness model Carolina Delgado in 2020 in Paris. Zago proposed to her in France in 2019.  Carolina has a daughter named Camila from her previous relationship.

Career: Zago is multi-passionate and tried his career in many fields some of which are specified below.

  • Zago is a businessman, Entrepreneur, and club owner.
  • Zago started his career in the year 2005 as a bartender in Mynt Lounge Club. Thereafter he was promoted to the post of Manager and VIP manager. After this, he acquired/ purchased this lounge in 2006. He worked on it to make it the nightlife hotspot of Miami.
  • This lounge is located on the 2100 blocks of Collins Avenue in Miami. He got the chance of hosting many famous celebrities like Britney Spears, Ricky Martin, jammie Foxx, Paris Hilton, Jennifer Lopez, etc. Many famous designers, DJs, models and other wealthies people also visited this place. Joanna herself has visited this club’s VIP section. This lounge club is also featured in the RHOM season 2 i.e.  Reality show “The Real Housewives of Miami”.
  • Mynt Lounge is an honored member of the YMCA in Miami. Here YMCA represents Youth Men’s Christian Association which is a Youth organization. Zago always reconstructed the full club in summer every year to keep its youthful ambiance.
  • In 2018 after closing Mynt, Romain opened his new club ’Myn-Tu”. Its specialty is that it is a blend of Vietnamese and Japanese culture which attracts the people.
  • He has made appearances on Reality Tv Shows. In 2012 he appeared with Joanna Krupa on the Reality show “The real housewives of Miami”.
  • Romain has worked as a fashion model too.
  • Zago can speak five languages as he got the chance to live in different countries.
  • He is a martial art artist and holds a black belt in karate.
  • He is a famous Instagram personality from America. He has a big fan following on Instagram and Facebook.

Net worth and property: Zago and Joanna both bought an apartment in Miami for $1.369 million in 2013 and sold it at a cheaper price In 2018 after their divorce. Zago now has two properties one in Los Angeles and the other in Miami. Zago has an estimated Net worth of $3.5 Million.   

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