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Famous Entrepreneur and Investor David Sacks’ Net worth: Technology Entrepreneur David Sacks is one of the popular investors of Paypal Mafia. He is currently the general partner of the venture capital fund named Craft Ventures.

Introduction to his early life: Born in Cape Town, South Africa, David Sack’s full name is David Oliver Sacks. His birth date is 25th May 1972. David’s family settled in the US when he was just five years old. He was much inspired by his grandfather who run a candy factory during the 1920s.  That’s why he was more leaned toward business. He is one of the close friends of Elon Musk. David is married to  Jacqueline Tortorice. He is the father of three children and lives in Broadway Street, San Francisco.

Education: It is Memphis University School where he went for his education. He enrolled at Stanford University for a degree in Economics. Then he got a Doctorate of Law from the University of Chicago Law School.

Career Establishment: Today, David Sacks is one of the billionaires who got success from their investment in internet technology firms in Silicon Valley. During his journey, he worked in various firms and invested in many business ventures. Let’s explore his journey toward becoming a successful businessman.

  • Sacks’ first job was as a management consultant at McKinsey & Company.
  • He left McKinsey in 1999 to join He worked there with the founders of PayPal means Peter Theil and Max Levchin. His job role was of a product leader and Chief Operation Officer. Sacks have played an important role in the thriving of this firm.
  • When Paypal was acquired by eBay in 2002, then David also joins the group of executives who has been employees at PayPal and named this group PayPal Mafia. This PayPal mafia is now a group of successful billionaires. These all got this success by setting up many technology firms in Silicon Valley.
  • Using the profit he get from PayPal David create his production firm Room 9 Entertainment and funded the film “Thank You for Smoking” in 2005.
  • His next launching was a Genealogy website com.
  • His next launch was Yammer in 2008. It is a social networking service used mainly for private communication within organizations but is also used for networks spanning various organizations.
  • In 2014, David launched the tech firm Zenefits.
  • Being an Angel Investor he invested in various in many cryptocurrencies such as Solana.
  • Sacks’ last business venture was launched in 2017. It was named Craft Ventures.
  • He also co-hosts the All-In Podcasts.


Net Worth: David has been successful in his whole career and gets a good return from everywhere he invested. After PayPal, he invested in various ventures but one of the most successful ventures of his career is Craft Ventures which gives him a return that his net worth in 2021 was $1.1 billion.

Apart from the above-mentioned ventures and investments David also invested in many companies like Airbnb, SpaceX, Palantir Technologies, and Facebook. Today, David Sacks Net worth is around $200 million.


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