Covid cases rise in NYC; CDC says deaths may increase in upcoming weeks

2020 has been a tough year for the whole world after the sudden outbreak of the Covid-19 pandemic. Every country across the globe has not only seen a huge loss of life but also faced an economic crisis. This all was so unexpected for the whole world that the world’s largest economies also kneel down in front of this pandemic situation. No one was able to understand how to deal with it. There were numerous sudden deaths, a daily rise in cases, and lockdowns in approximately all countries. With the efforts of researchers in the medical field, pharma specialists, and health experts the world has got a sigh of relief from it. But now with time, new variants of Covid came, bringing 2nd wave of covid and making the situation again worse. Vaccines and other covid safety measures bring the situation under control. Yet the whole world is not completely free from all this. With new variants, NYC is seeing a spike in covid cases this year too. Center for Disease Control and Prevention(CDC) warns of rising deaths in the coming weeks.

Covid Situation in Newyork City (NYC)

The whole world is facing many challenges like economic crisis, covid outbreak, war-like situations, etc. Amid all this, the Newyork city is also seeing a rise in Covid cases these days. However, the situation is under control but the rising number of covid cases is a new threat. As per the reports, the officials told that there is no crisis situation yet the spike in the number of covid cases in NYC is a matter of concern. NYC Mayor Eric Adams told that they are prepared to deal with the situation. He is concerned about the forecast for the coming weeks. As CDC says that there will be a rise in the covid death cases in NYS and New Jersey. They say that there may be an approximate 5000 deaths in the next two weeks in NYC and NJ. It is expected that this may be the highest number of deaths among all states.

Last week, the city raised its covid alert level from low to medium because Omnocorn sub-variant BA-2 continues to spread. It is said that this variant is more contagious than other previous variants. City officials asked the people to be alert and follow safety measures on their level. No restrictions on covid masks and vaccines are imposed publically. Also, the health department and other authorities dealing with this situation are prepared if any such crisis occurred.

From time to time alerts are being issued to the city to be prepared in advance to deal efficiently with the upcoming situation. Dr. Ashwin Vasan, the mayor, and health commission of the city is speaking daily about the rising covid case numbers in NYC. It is informed that hospitalizations are rising, and the death rate may increase in upcoming weeks.

Manhattan Borough president Marl Levin is continuously interacting with the public for being prepared. Dr. Vasan said that we may mandate masks and covid boosters if the number of hospitalizations will continue to rise.

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