Covid-19 end may cause lose of Medicaid coverage for 5 million to 14 million Americans

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In the last two years from 2020 to 2022, countries all across the world have seen many phases of Covid-19. With every new variant of this virus, the situation got worse. But now with time, things are getting back to normal. Nations are prepared to deal with such situation in advance so that they can be handled at the initial stage. In this same row, the US govt. may stop funding Medicaid health insurance. During covid the federal govt. provided aid to states on the condition that they would not remove people from Medicaid until the public health emergency ends. Millions of Americans gained from this Medicaid Health insurance program. This support by Federal Govt. to states extended for two years as the situation done improve during the pandemic. But now after the declaration of the Biden administration that the Covid-19 health emergency is over. The states begin to unwind the coverage. It is estimated that nearly 5 to 14 million Americans could lose their Medicaid coverage.

Medicaid – A public insurance program

Medicaid is a public insurance health program that was started in the year 1965. It provides health coverage to families with low income. It also includes individuals like children, seniors, persons with disability, pregnant women, parents, etc. This is funded by States and the Federal Govt. Medicaid programs are operated by States ass per the Federal guidelines. Medical eligibility and benefits under Medicaid may vary from state to state. During the pandemic the US govt. decided to support/ help its citizens through the Medicaid Insurance program and it was decided that no citizen will be removed from Medicaid coverage until the public health emergency ends. This emergency lasts for two years, but now it seems that things are changing this quarter and this emergency is going to end means the funding done by the Federal govt. will also be stopped. They will contribute only a portion to this insurance program but not as much as before during Covid-19. So, some states may prioritize quick eligibility checks to ensure that the only ones who qualify fully will continue in this insurance program.

It is assumed that the public health emergency may end by July 15 but every time the deadline has approached the US Department for Health and Human Services has extended it another 3 months. Notification in this regard will be issued in the next week if Biden Administration announced to end the emergency by 15th July. Reports show that the one who can lose Medicaid coverage includes the adults who are benefitted i.e got medical eligibility under the Affordable Care Act. Also, the parents who are not disabled and some children are also going to lose this insurance medical eligibility. People often take insurance programs depending on their situations. This makes it difficult for the states to reach out to people, so the states are making sure the address and phone numbers of people in the program are convenient. This measure is being taken to avoid the chaos that can become a problem for someone who needs aid.

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