Celcius Network owner Alex Mashinsky’s Net Worth and Achievements

Alex Mashinsky’s Life story and Net Worth: Alex is a notable personality from America who is a businessman and an inventor and founded many tech firms in The United States. Alex has patents on over 50 companies. Today in this article we will discuss his early life before becoming an entrepreneur, his achievements, Net Worth, and other details.

About Alex Mashinsky: Alex was born in Ukraine on 5th October 1965. His upbringing took place in Israel. Alex was an amateur who tap into and use phone lines in Israel. He attended various universities to pursue a degree in Electrical Engineering but did not complete his degree. He also joined the Israeli Army and then in 1980 he left the country and came to the US. His wife’s name is Krissy Mashinsky and he lived in Ney York City with his six children.

Career: Alex is a great achiever who has attained a lot through hard work and intelligence. After coming to the US Alex joined a trading contract business for Urea, Gold, and Sodium Cyanide. But after the 1989 protest, his business slowed down. But from there, his career actually starts as an inventor in the field of technology. Some of his works are mentioned below:

  • Alex joined a Computer Voicemail software company A+ systems. He is an early developer of VOIP i..e Voice over internet protocol.
  • In 1990 he invented his first company Voicesmart which offers computer-based VOIP phone service.
  • First time in 1993 Alex understand his potential in the commodity market for International Telephone Capacity. Realizing this capacity himself, Alex founded Arbinet in 1996. Arbinet is a marketplace for VOIP Telephone service. In 1997 it started providing similar services for data connectivity.
  • After selling his stake in Arbinet Alex began a new company named GrounDetails. This allowed people to book a limousine and a car service from a computer or phone. For this, he collaborated with various Limousine and car services companies. There is a story behind the starting of this company. Once he and his wife reserved a car to meet a business associate but the car service failed to pick them up on time. This incident inspired him to start such a service.
  • Alex also provides free services on US flights after starting a partnership with Gogo Inflight Internet.
  • Q- wireless was also founded by Alex. This company was a joint move to install wireless Cell phones along with free wireless services in the NYC subway system.
  • In 2014 he was appointed to the board of directors of Novatel. Novatel is a company that provides Wi-Fi products. He also became CEO of the same company and after serving for one and half years he left this position.
  • After this Alex founded Celcius Network. It acts as a platform to borrow and lend digital assets like bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies.
  • In 2010, Alex was placed on the list of The silicon Alley 100: Ney York’s coolest Tech people.
  • His VOIP intellectual property was recognized by Internet Telephony magazine in its list of Top 100 VOIP Communications.
  • In 2000, he was awarded the Albert Einstein Technology medal and the Technology Foresight Award for Innovation 1999.


Net Worth: Alex has experience working with 60 or more companies. Some have been major successes while others proved to be a failure too. This experience gave him an opportunity to be a public speaker at around 250 worldwide events. Celcius Token Network CEL has been in the billion-dollar bracket. Cointelegraph has placed him in the list of Top 100 Crypto persons in 2021. From all these resources Alex is earning good and living a lavish life. His total net worth is $50 Million. We wish him luck and more success in the future.

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