Bling Empire Star Dorothy Wang’s family, education, career and Net worth

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Dorothy Wang is an influential TV personality from America. Roger Wang the famous Chinese- American Businessman is the father of Dorothy. She like her dad is a real estate agent. In this article, we will explore her personal life, career achievements, and Net Worth.

Life History of Dorothy Wang: Dorothy was born in Beverly Hills, a city in California on 27th January 1988. She has spent her childhood in Beverly hill. Wang was born into a wealthy Millionaire family. Now after Roger Wang is a Billionaire and the founder and CEO of Golden eagle International Group. This forms malls and buildings in eastern China. Dorothy is hard working and very sincere in her work. All these qualities she had from her father Roger Wang. Roger Wang is basically from China raised in Taiwan and came to the U.S. in 1970 to pursue MBA. Roger is a self-made businessman and deals in retail. Dorothy’s sister Janice wang works as a Head at Partner Acquisition and Success. Janice has also worked with his father in Golden Eagle International Group. Dorothy is still unmarried

Education: Dorothy is a Graduate in Communication from the University of Southern California. Along with her academic education, she has got many values from her family. Her father taught her the importance of the family and giving back to the community.

Career and achievements: Despite being born and raised in a rich family Dorothy is very hardworking, a travel lover, and tried her career in various areas like business, real estate, acting, and fashion. Here are some of her career achievements.

  • Dorothy is multi-passionate. She is a licensed property broker and a businessman. Like her father, he deals in real estate. She works for the real estate company “The Agency”.
  • She has a Jewelry line called Fabuluex and also owns Rich and Bubly a champagne brand.
  • She is a famous actor and worked in many Tv shows. On her social media accounts, Wang keeps posting her photos with hashtags #richkidsofinstagram. After this, she got her first show “Rich Kids in Beverly Hills”. Dorothy has shot for all four seasons of this show till 2016.
  • After this, she got another E show named “famous Single” in 2017.
  • Dorothy has appeared as a Tv host too.
  • In 2014 She worked as a fashion correspondent on Steve Harvey’s show.
  • In 2019 she co-hosted a Facebook watch show ”Fetch me a date”.
  • Dorothy is very passionate about traveling. She is known as an unofficial travel guide. She shared on her website that my travel has taken me to A and Abu Dhabi to Z stands for Zimbabwe. She kept sharing her experiences of her trips and visits to other counties and cultures. She once told me that I am seeking to inspire and encourage my friends and followers to encourage to get the most out of my trips with my unofficial travel guides and She keeps sharing her favorite places to stay, eat and play.
  • Dorothy has created her website to share all the travel information for traveling lovers.
  • Currently, Dorothy is working in Bling Empire, an American Tv series which is released on Netflix in 2021. This series is mainly based on the lives of wealthy people of East Asia and East Asian-American socialites based in the Los Angeles area described as real-life Crazy Rich Asians. It is the first American reality television series in which the main cast are all East Asians living in the United States.

Net Worth of Dorothy: Dorothy has various resources for her income. From all the resources she has an estimated net worth of $10 million.



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