American Youtuber Austin Evans’ Net worth life history, family, profession, etc.

Austin Evans’ Life History and Net worth:

Austin Evans is a famous YouTuber who is basically from the United States. He gives tech reviews on his channel mainly on gaming PC smartphones and cameras. Evans began his channel on 4 August 2007.

Life and Family history: Austin was born in New Jersey, USA. His date of birth is 22 August 1992. He is named as the most secretive person on the internet as he never shared anything about his personal life like his parents, family and spouse’s name, or his education. In many interviews, he said that his mother has been very supportive of him and all credit goes to her for his success. It has been told that he has been a nerd and take interest in playing video games and love to know about new technology news and releases. Austin is married but never shared anything about her spouse. In 2019 when he married her girlfriend he posted one of his wedding photos with the description that “Today I married my best friend”.

Net Worth: As per the resources, Austin’s net worth is  $5 million. He is doing good in his career and also has good connections with other YouTubers. His rising popularity is making way for success for him in the future.

Career: Austin’s YouTube channel name is Austin Evans. This was started in 2007. Channel uploads videos on technology content like gaming PC to smartphones and other tech products. Austin is the face of this channel. Actually, this channel is owned by a full team of six members. All of the members are as follows:

  1. Host – Austin Evans
  2. Creative Director – Kenneth Bolido
  3. Producer – Matt Ansini
  4. Producer – Jared Peterson
  5. Senior Video Editor – Joshua Blackey
  6. Video Editor – Griffin Schiller

This channel has a total of 5.3 million subscribers and massive views of over 1.2 billion. Professionally Evans is not an actor but he gave his appearance on many shows like “My Friend, Oscar” which is a fantasy comedy-drama. This was released in 2010.

Austin worked in the YouTube series “Scrapyard Wars” which is made by the famous Canadian YouTuber Linus Sebastian. Linus mentioned Austin that is one of his favorite YouTubers. Linus and Austin have worked together for the third season of Scrapyard Wars. With an unlimited budget, they were challenged to build a gaming PC with the best price for performance gaming.

Tough time in Austin Life: Austin has faced a challenge in 2020 when his house burnt on fire and everything which was important to him got destroyed in this. But amid this many Youtubers came to his help and provided him with new equipment to make videos for his channel. Two of them who helped Austin are Unbox Therapy and today.

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