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Mark Hoppus is a famous American singer, musician, record producer, television host, and songwriter. Born on 15th March 1972 in Ridgecrest, California (US), Mark is known as bassist and co-lead vocalist of the popular rock band BDetails-182. Their current cast includes guitarist/vocalist Matt Skiba, bassist/vocalist Mark Hoppus, and drummer Travis Barker. Their band became very popular in the late 90s and early 2000s.


Mark’s parent’s name is Kerry Wernz and George “Tex” Hoppus. His father worked for the US Department of Defense. He designed missiles and bombs for the Navy’s training center. His father introduced him to the music of Elton John, Billy Joel, and The Beatles. Mark was once told that his mother was always supportive of him and his father was more realistic about whom he can rely on. During junior high school, He developed an interest in skateboarding and punk rock. At the age of 15, a bass guitar is gifted to him by his father. In 2000 Mark Hoppus married Skye Everly, a woman who he had met while on the set of a music video.  Everly worked as MTV talent supervisor. She met mark during the rehearsals of the song “All the small things ” in August 1999. Everly and Hoppus had a child named Jack. Hoppus and his family shifted to London’s Mayfair in 2011. They lived there for three years and then shifted to Beverly Hills, California in 2014.

Early Career

In 1992, Hoppus returned to San Diego and reunited with his sister Anne Hoppus who introduced him to Tom Delonge. They created a band named BDetails with drummer Scott Raynor. Cheshire Cat was the first album by BDetails -182 released in 1995 which became popular among skaters and punks. In 1996 their 2nd album was released by the name Dude Ranch. This album includes the famous song Dammit. Their band was officially acknowledged for this Album Enema of the State released in 1999. This album contained hits like All the small things and What’s my age again. In this album, Travis Braker was the drummer. Their 4th album was Take off your pants and Jackets. In 2003 after the release of their 5th Album the group broke and Mark tried his career in production. In 2011 the band reunited again and released another album. Hoppus formed a new band Simple creatures which released its first album in 2019. Aside from his musical career, Hoppus has had numerous successes behind the mixing desk, having produced songs for bands such as Idiot Pilot, New Found Glory, The Matches, Motion City Soundtrack, and PAWS.


Mark Hoppus has a total net worth of $80 Million. Mark has also become a face for some television shows and podcasts. Mark has collaborated with Tom Delonge on various entrepreneurial ventures like Atticus Clothing and Macbeth Footwear. With passing time he sold all his stakes in these companies. Also, mark invested in Real estate and had a good income from there too. He also rented his Beverly hills house and charged $15,000 per month. Mark made a huge amount of revenue from this.

This is all about Mark Hoppus and his net worth.

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